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Massage Therapists

Massage is the most natural and nurturing of the healing arts. Using only our hands as tools, we manipulate muscles to release tension. Through skillful strokes we nourish the skin with renewed circulation and nutrients. We ease away stress, fatigue and anxiety. The body responds with greater strength, mobility, and vitality. The greatest gift may lie perhaps, in the profound sense of balance and connectedness contributed through the therapeutic touch.

Tina Houx

Tina Houx - Licensed Massage Therapist

It is a great pleasure to be back at That Elegant Touch. I have 3 graduated kids, down to 2 in middle school, & a grandson. Family is precious & on borrowed time. That being said, I want the best for you & your life. I will always individualize your massage to your health & well being. There are so many possibilities here at That Elegant Touch for your health. Hope to see you soon, so you can take time to care for yourself. Reducing stress heals!

Agnes Kim
Donald M Kirk II

Agnes Kim - Licensed Massage Therapist

I believe that the condition of a woman's skin is directly related to her self-image.  It is my goal to help every woman achieve the greatest potential for her unique skin.  The health and beauty of the skin is associated with the overall health of the body itself.  Hence, obtaining my massage therapist license has been highly anticipated.  I am able to offer outstanding treatments.

Growing up in Korea, I bring the traditional Asian massage into Western massage with a unique massage pattern.

I offer full skin care and body treatments for men and women.

Donald M Kirk II - Licensed Massage Therapist

Donald M Kirk II is an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in surgeries and injuries. Attended Universal Body Wellness Massage School, Licensed since 2009 and member of American Massage Therapy Association. Donald found his passion early in life assisting and educating the well-being of others through massage. He is trained in multiple massage styles that range from Swedish (Stress Relief), Therapeutic (Targets Deeper Muscle Tissue), Prenatal (For Mothers To Be), Sports Massage (Combining Stretching and Therapeutic Techniques), Medical Massage (Assesment and Tre atment For Surgeries and Injuries).